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Hatfield-McCoy "Buds"

On October 30, 2019, my friend Reo Hatfield and I were interviewed for an appearance on the popular podcast series from the Kentucky Taste Buds. The podcast is one of many creative ventures by the successful duo of Tamara Schneider and Leigh Roach of Lexington, KY. The two host a popular website with blogs highlighting the best of the Bluegrass State’s culture, food, fashions and music. They host a podcast of interviews on a wide variety of subjects related to Kentucky and broadcast a popular radio show on KISS 96.9 FM in Lexington, KY.

Tam and Leigh conducted a 25 minute interview covering a wide spectrum of feud-related topics, from historical feud events to the accomplishments of the families in the past 20 years. Following our conversation, Reo and I agreed that Tam and Leigh were some of the best prepared and well-informed interviewers with whom we’ve have had the opportunity to speak. Reo and I were grateful for the chance to speak with the Buds and we wish them continued success.

The full interview may be found at:

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